Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another note on Zope

Trying to find decent documentation to learn how to use Zope3 is like trying to fish out splinters from your genitalia. You know they're there and you're looking hard, but GODDAMMIT THE PROCESS IS PAINFUL.

Reading and reading, and reading and reading...their docs SUCK. There are too many ways to do one thing, and none of them are explained explicitly. All I feel is PAIN. Whyyyyyyyy?! I had way too many errors even trying to start one project. Oh now I have something, and it makes sense, after a day's worth of reading, cursing and wishing that it would stop. Might as well use J2EE.

Fuck this, going back to Django now. Ah, peace.


Matthew Gallant said...

"All I feel is PAIN. Whyyyyyyyy?!"
The emo n00b ;)

n00bster said...

Ima go home and cut myself, crying in a corner, wondering why emacs and vi people can't just get along... :(