Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Stuff

Well, much has definitely happened since the last post. I'm definitely becoming less of a n00b. perhaps more about that later. but now the reason for this post:

I'm testing out a new keyboard:) At work, I use two keyboards (yes, I know I'm odd). I dual-screen, with one hand on the laptop keyboard, the other hand on a USB connected keyboard. I do this for comfort; my hands and arms are in a natural position, instead of all tensed up. But now that I'm leaving work and heading back to school, I need a new battle plan. I won't be dual-screening, so using two keyboards would be really awkward and uncomfortable.

Deathly afraid of getting carpal tunnel, I opted to buy an ergonomic keyboard. The winning feature: a split keyboard. The problem with real split keyboards is that they're MAD EXPENSIVE. It's $140USD for the Freestyle with 20 inches of keyboard separation. I have to pay 40 bucks more for 12 inches of cable? To hell with you. 20 inches doesn't even offer me enough freedom. Goddamned wires.

Anyway, I got the Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 (4000 because they clearly made 3999 keyboard models preceding this one). I got it for 56 bucks. dead cheap. It's awesome, and the special function keys will work with Ubuntu if I hack on it enough, but I'll wait for Hardy Heron to be released. Apparently upgrading my kernel might help solve some problems.

Speaking of problems, there is ONE big thing that is bothersome about this keyboard. Highly, disgustingly irritating, as a matter of fact. It's the space bar. IT CLACKS. VERY, VERY LOUDLY. All the other keys are nice and muted, but the space bar feels like one of the old-school keyboards I used 10 years ago. That's no compliment. It's (pardon my colorful language) FUCKING ANNOYING.

The underside of the space bar is now full of kleenex. That'll work for now.

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How's the "new domain" project coming along? :O